The standard length of study for the M.A. in ‘Political Science’ is four semesters. Students must gain 120 ECTS. Upon graduation, students receive the title ‘Master of Arts’ (M.A.).

The course consists of a compulsory (in orange) and an elective part (in blue). The compulsory part consists of four courses on the logic of research as well as quantitative and qualitative methods (20 ECTS) which prepare students to conduct their own research.  Students also take part in seminars on political theory and the history of ideas, comparative politics and international relations.

The elective part of the degree gives students the opportunity to focus on the topics they are most interested in. All courses are held in the form of seminars and colloquiums that allow for intense exchanges and lively discussions.

Course Structure (example)

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Description of the modules

Click on the following link to reach the description of the course modules and information on the qualification goals, the workload, as well as the types of assignment you will have to do at the end of each module.

Description of the modules M.A. Political Science

Semester abroad and practical module

Studying abroad is particularly well-suited for the second and third semester. If you would like to spend parts of your studies abroad, we and the International Office will be happy to help with finding a suitable university, accommodation and funding.

In the module “Politikwissenschaftliche Berufs- und Forschungspraxis (Career and Research Practice in Political Science)”, you can choose between doing an internship, taking part in a summer school, or taking part in a language course.