Chair of Communication Studies with a Focus on Organisational Communication

The Chair’s research and teaching covers the full scope of communication by, in and about organisations. This includes campaign communication, internal communication and organisational culture, reputation and stakeholder management, relationships to the media and opinion leaders, online discourse with and about organisations, ethics and crisis communication. The members of staff primarily teach courses for the master’s degree in Organisational Communication, but also for the bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies [de].

Organisational Communication in Greifswald pursues an integrative approach: formal external communication (public relations) as well as informal, internal communication processes (organisational theory and organisational communication) are both subjects of interest. One of the focus areas in the master’s degree course is therefore consultancy services for communications and conflict management. Furthermore, students learn about all kinds of organisations - e.g. companies, parties, interest groups, NGOs, as well as cultural and administrative institutions. 

The Chair’s research projects and seminars investigate organisational communication from a social point of view. They focus on questions regarding the responsibility of organisations and those responsible for communications. The goal is to develop research-based approaches for dealing with communication problems that occur at the interface between organisations and society.


Manuela Dittmann
Ernst-Lohmeyer-Platz 3, 3rd Floor, Room 3.04
Tel.: +49 3834 420 3402



The Chair supervises doctorates in the field of organisational communication. Find out more here [de]