Unit "Rural Sustainability"

The unit "Rural Sustainability" focuses on aspects of rural and sustainable development. Politically, rural development and sustainability are often interwoven and are sometimes in a clear tension with each other. Conflicts and synergies are evident, for example, in the EU's agricultural policy, HELCOM's activities to protect the Baltic Sea, or the peatland protection strategies of individual German states.

Scientifically, these examples touch on different research areas and networks of the University of Greifswald. The research consortium "Think rural!", the Interdisciplinary Research Center Baltic Sea Region and the Greifswald Mire Centre are three examples. The research unit Rural Sustainability brings a political science perspective to this research. 

At the IPK, the focus of the unit is on teaching. Stefan Ewert teaches in all areas of political science on various topics in the fields of sustainability and rural development.

Foto: Julia Sehl-Ewert