Gastvortrag „ Realism and its Discontents”

Öffentlicher Gastvortrag „ Realism and its Discontents”

The  Introduction to International Relations course  offers an open lecture of political scientist and writer  from the University of Stirling (Glasgow)  - Dr. Idrees Ahmad.

It will focus on the legacy of realism in foreign policy, how it shaped the Cold War, but, more importantly, how its resurgence under the Obama administration had unforeseen consequences, leading to the unraveling of post-WWII norms. The lecture will conclude with a discussion on the limits of realism and a reassessment of values (such as human rights, rule of law, and democracy) in foreign policy. The access to guest lecture  is open for all who are interested to spend hour or two in intellectual discussions.

Time:  28the of January, 14-16 pm.

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Guest Password: Open_Lecture2801