Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science at the Institute for Politics and Communication Science (IPK) Greifswald emerged out of the youngest political science institute in Germany. It was founded at the University of Greifswald in 1993 as an institute which focused solely on political science. Since the summer term 1999, it offers courses on all areas of political science, hosting three chairs and an additional professorship.

The Department offers a very diverse range of courses as well as careful and direct supervision to our students. The seminars we offer are closely linked to the Institute’s research interests. Currently, the chair of political theory focuses on democratic and critical theory and modern political ideas. The chair of comparative politics conducts research on statehood, the impact of globalization on the behavior of nation states as well as the systematic analyses of eastern and western European political systems. The chair of political sociology focuses on legislative behavior of political representatives and on the development of rural areas. The chair of International Relations concentrates on peace and conflict studies and international political economy. The institute also addresses questions related to the Baltic Sea Region, which is the university’s focal point of interest.

Students have the opportunity to graduate as Bachelor of Arts or Master of Arts.

We do not only support our students during the seminars and lectures, but also assist them in their search for internships and stays abroad. Our aim is to open the door to the diverse skills and qualifications relevant for the job market, which currently holds great opportunities for political scientists.


Department of Political Science
Baderstraße 6/7
17487 Greifswald
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