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Seit 2018
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Lehrstuhl für Internationale Beziehungen und Regionalstudien von Prof. Dr. Margit Bussmann, Universität Greifswald

2017 – 2018
Forschungsaufenthalt: Global Political Studies Department, Universität Malmö

2016 – 2018
Doktorand am IRTG "Baltic Borderlands", Universität Greifswald

2012 – 2015
Studium: Politikwissenschaft (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena), Master of Arts

2008 – 2012 
Studium: Politikwissenschaft und Erziehungswissenschaft (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena), Bachelor of Arts

Forschungs- und Interessenschwerpunkte
Data Science
IGO Studies
Border Studies
Peace and Conflict Research
Cooperation Theories

WS 2018 Cooperation in and through International Organizations - M.A.
WS 2018 Foreign Policy Cultures and Multilateralism in Comparison: The EU and the US - B.A.
WS 2018 Cooperation in International Relations: Theory and Empirical Examples - B.A.
WS 2017 A (Very) Short Introduction to R - Staff and Faculty Members, Universität Malmö 
WS 2017 Secessionism and Irredentism: Causes and (Potential) Consequences - B.A.
WS 2016 The Foreign Policy Cultures of the Baltic Sea States - B.A.

Vorträge und Tagungen

2018 SWEPSA Annual Conference - Malmö, Schweden
"Muddy Waters: Tracing the Normative Influence of Regional IGOs on Intra-Communal Bordering"

2018 EPPC Hertie School of Governance - Sofia, Bulgarien
"Borders in International Relations"

2017 CBEES Annual Conference - Stockholm, Schweden

"The (Political) Story of ”Protecting Nature:” Environmental Policies and Regional Identity in the Relations between Nordic Council and Baltic Assembly"


2017 SWEPSA Annual Conference - Karlstad, Schweden

"Who is Actually in Control of State Borders? The Normative Influence of Regional IGOs on Border Configurations"


2017 Annual ISA Conference - Baltimore, USA

"Norm Dependent Change of Border Permeability and Regional IGOs: Economic Exchange in the Baltic Sea Region and the South China Sea Region"


2016 ABS Europe Conference - Luxembourg, Luxemburg

"Borders in the Field of Tension between IGOs and States: A Comparison of the European Baltic Sea Region and the South China Sea Region of Southeast Asia"


2016 IRTG 'Baltic Borderlands' - Lund, Schweden

"Russia’s Contemporary Hegemonic Turn and Change in Collective Memory"