IFZO Security Policy Cluster Kickoff Workshop.
Professor Dr. Bussmann and Martin Kerntopf at an international conference in Hanoi, Vietnam.

08. May 2019: IFZO Security Policy Cluster Kickoff Workshop to the topic "Russian Foreign Policy and its Perception in the Baltic Sea Region." Prof. Dr. Bussmann and Natalia Iost participated with a presentation on "Militarized Interstate Disputes in the Baltic Sea Region."

17. April 2019: Prof. Dr. Bussmann and Marin Kerntopf took part on an international conference on "Cooperation And Integration in the Baltic Region and Southeast Asia: A Comparative Perspective" in Hanoi, Vietnam. Here they spoke about the regional security complex of the Baltic Sea Region.

01. April 2019: We congratulate Anja Menzel on her successful defense on the topic of „Sailing the Waters of Institutional Complexity – State-to-State Cooperation on the Combat of Maritime Piracy”

24. March 2019: Martin Kerntopf took part on the Baltic Connections conference in Helsinki, Finland. Topic of his talk: The Baltic Sea Region: Contentious Narratives and the (Re-) Construction of a Regional Security Complex?

26. February 2019: The University of Greifswald now has a Interdisciplinary Centre for Baltic Sea Region Research (IFZO) in which the Chair of International Relations and Regional Studies participates.