Delegation from the USSH Hanoi. Here after the lecture by Dr. Trang.
IFZO Security Policy Cluster Kickoff Workshop.
Professor Dr. Bussmann and Martin Kerntopf at an international conference in Hanoi, Vietnam.


02.-04. July: This week we had the pleasure of welcoming a delegation from USSH Hanoi under leadership of Prof. Dr. Minh. On Tuesday Prof. Dr. Minh gave a lecture on "Understanding Vietnam's Foreign Policy." On Thursday a lecture by Dr. Trang followed on the topic of "ASEAN’s Role in Regional Security Management: The Case of Mekong Sub-region." 

08. May 2019: IFZO Security Policy Cluster Kickoff Workshop to the topic "Russian Foreign Policy and its Perception in the Baltic Sea Region." Prof. Dr. Bussmann and Natalia Iost participated with a presentation on "Militarized Interstate Disputes in the Baltic Sea Region."

17. April 2019: Prof. Dr. Bussmann and Marin Kerntopf took part on an international conference on "Cooperation And Integration in the Baltic Region and Southeast Asia: A Comparative Perspective" in Hanoi, Vietnam. Here they spoke about the regional security complex of the Baltic Sea Region.

01. April 2019: We congratulate Anja Menzel on her successful defense on the topic of „Sailing the Waters of Institutional Complexity – State-to-State Cooperation on the Combat of Maritime Piracy”

24. March 2019: Martin Kerntopf took part on the Baltic Connections conference in Helsinki, Finland. Topic of his talk: The Baltic Sea Region: Contentious Narratives and the (Re-) Construction of a Regional Security Complex?

26. February 2019: The University of Greifswald now has a Interdisciplinary Centre for Baltic Sea Region Research (IFZO) in which the Chair of International Relations and Regional Studies participates.