Since 2018:

Research associate: Chair of International Relations and Regional Studies, for Professor Margit Bussmann, Department of Political Science and Communication Studies, (University of Greifswald)


Research assistant: Center for Jewish Studies, for Professor Dr. Dr. h. c. Daniel Krochmalnik, (Heidelberg)


M.A. Studies: Political Science (major) and Jewish Studies (minor), (Heidelberg University)


Research assistant: Department of Sociology and Empirical Research, Institute of Social Sciences, (University of Stuttgart)


Research assistant: Conference of Equal Opportunities Officers at universities and academic institutions in Baden-Württemberg (LaKoG), (Stuttgart)


Research assistant in the project “Impacts of Citizen Participation”, Department of Political Systems and Political Sociology, Institute of Social Sciences, (University of Stuttgart)


B.A. Studies: Social Science, (University of Stuttgart)

Research Interests
- International Peace and Conflict Research
- Russian Foreign Policy
- Israel and the Middle East conflict
- Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution Organizations
Teaching experience

SS 2020
Tutorial for the lecture Introduction to International Relations (B.A.)

WS 2019/20
The Concept of Power in the International Relations (B.A.)

SS 2019
Tutorial for the lecture Introduction to International Relations (B.A.)

WS 2018/19
Russia in international politics. Claim to Great Power Status and Resources (B.A.)


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