Chair of International Relations & Regional Studies

Chair of International Relations
Picture: Martin Kerntopf

The Chair of International Relations and Regional Studies (Prof. Dr. Margit Bussmann) is focused on international cooperation and conflict between states as well as non-state actors.

Research and teaching address issues of peace of conflict studies, international political economy, foreign policy analysis and international institutions. Particular emphasis is put on the causes and consequences of international and internal violent conflicts as well as questions of globalization and the distribution of wealth at the national, regional and international levels. In both research and teaching we focus on theory-guided, empirical-analytical research questions.

Professor Bussmann is currently focusing her research on how to avoid violence against civilians in civil wars, on the stability of post-conflict societies, and on cooperation in the Baltic Sea region. Her colleagues work on mediation in civil wars, on maritime anti-piracy operations, and on the international fight against corruption.


December 12, 2017: Two doctoral disputations took place at the Institute on December 6 and 12, respectively. Congratulations to Levke Aduda and Felix Haass for successfully defending their dissertations! 

November 3, 2017: From November 14 to 17, Levke Aduda will participate in the Erasmus+ teaching mobility program. She will be a guest lecturer at IRCOM in Agers (France).

Event note: Our team takes part in the traditional "24 hours" public lecture organized at University of Greifswald. Levke Aduda will give her talk Friday, Nov. 10, at 9 pm. Dr. Mathis Lohaus speaks Saturday, Nov. 11, at 11 am. The full program can be found on the AStA website.

October 13, 2017: We wish all students a great winter semester! Prof. Margit Bussmann has a research semester and is currently visiting our partner university in Vietnam. Our team offers the following courses:

  • B.A.: Security Studies (Schulz); Regionalism (Lohaus); EU foreign policy (Lohaus); Cooperation theories in IR (Menzel)
  • M.A.: Intro to International Political Economy (Lohaus); Enduring peace or recurring civil war (Aduda); Global norms and activism (Lohaus)

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