Eno Trimcev, PhD

Research Assistant

Chair of Political Theory and History of Ideas
Ernst-Lohmeyer-Platz 3, Raum 3.19b
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August – December 2018
Theodor Heuss Lecturer at the New School for Social Research, New York.

October 2015 - present
Research Assistant at the Institute for Political and Communication Sciences, Chair for Political Theory and the History of Ideas, University of Greifswald.

October 2014 – March 2015
Guest Professor in Practical Philosophy
, Faculty of Philosophy and Art Sciences, Leuphana University, Germany.

DPhil in Political Theory
, University of Oxford, St. Edmund Hall, 2008-2013 (no corrections).
Dissertation Title: Rethinking Political Foundations with Leo Strauss, Hannah Arendt and Eric Voegelin (supervised by Marc Stears and Karma Nabulsi).

MSc in Political Theory
, London School of Economics, 2007-2008 (with Distinction).
Dissertation Title: Plato’s Truth or Plato’s Intent? Two Readings of The Statesman (supervised by Janet Coleman).

2005 - 2007
Executive Director, Albanian Institute for International Studies, Tirana.

MA in Comparative Politics, University of Calgary, Canada (with Distinction).
Dissertation title: Democracy, Intellectuals and the State: the Case of Albania (supervised by Bohdan Harasymiw).


Rethinking Political Foundations with Leo Strauss, Hannah Arendt and Eric Voegelin (Baden-Baden: Nomos, 2017).

Democracy, Intellectuals and the State—The Case of Albania.  Albanian Institute for International Studies: Tirana, 2005.

Articles (peer-reviewed)
“Conservative Theory as Sympathetic Dissent: The Example of Michael Oakeshott,” Journal of Political Ideologies 24/3 (2019): 275-294.

“Conservatism: Empirical or Metaphysical?” Cosmos & Taxis. Vol. 6. No. 3 + 4 (2019): 3-14.

“Pathways to the Problem of Founding in Contemporary Political Thought.” Trópoς: Rivista di Ermeneutica e Critica Filosofica. Special Issue: “La Rivoluzione: tra Politica e Filosofia.” XÌ, 2 (2018): 75-92.

“'Flying Spark of Fire’: Thinking (and) Action in Hannah Arendt,” Redescriptions 20/2 (2017): 182-199.



Book Reviews
Primitivism, Eschatology, and the Politics of Time. Book Review: Nomi Claire Lazar. "Out of Joint: Power, Crisis, and the Rhetoric." Cosmos & Taxis. Vol. 8 No. 10 + 11 (2020): 66-74.

Book Review: Matthew Slaboch. “A Road to Nowhere: The Idea of Progress and Its Critics.” Interpretation. Volume 45. Issue 1 (Sept 2018): 147-151.

Book Review: Robert Howse. “Leo Strauss: Man of Peace.” Canadian Journal of Political Science 50/2 (2017).


Further selected publications
“Is Freedom worth the Risk? Liberalism and the Challenge of Dostoyevsky.” Polis 16 (2017): 5-17.

“Foreign Policy, Elites and Regional Identity.” Dialogues: Ownership for Regional Cooperation in the Western Balkans (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung: June, 2009): 31-44.

“Internal Party Democracy in Albania: Present Needs and Trends.” In Georgi Karasimeonov. Ed. Reshaping the Broken Image of Political Parties: Internal Party Democracy in South Eastern Europe (Sofia: Gorex Press, 2007): 12-36.

Freedom House Report. “Albania.” Nations in Transit 2007 & 2006: Democratization from Central Europe to Eurasia (New York: University Press of America, 2007).

“Structural Theory and the Trans-Atlantic Rift.” Perspectives on War—Volume III (Center for Military and Strategic Studies, University of Calgary, 2005).

“Organized Crime in Albania: An Unconventional Security Threat.” In Pedrag Jurekovic and Frederic Labarre. Eds. Crushing Crime in South East Europe: A Struggle of Domestic, Regional and European Dimensions (Vienna: May 2003): 51-60.


Every semester I offer an English-language seminar in each political theory module. Exchange students are welcome to join.

Wintersemester 2018 (New School for Social Research)
Contemporary Democratic Theory

Winter Semester 2017/18
Theories of Tolerance (B.A.)
John Rawls und die vertragstheoretische Tradition (B.A.)
Theories of Political Representation (M.A.)

Summer Semester 2017
Einführung in die Politische Ideengeschichte (Introduction into the History of Political Theory; with Rieke Trimcev) (B.A.)
American Political Thought (B.A.)
Controversies in 20th Century Political Theory (M.A.)
Forschungscolloquium im Mastermodul Independent Studies im Bereich Politische Theorie und Ideengeschichte (M.A.)

Winter Semester 2016/17
Democracy, Education and Philosophy (B.A.)
Pluralismustheorien (B.A.)
Individuelle Freiheit als Problem politischer Institutionen (M.A.)
International Law and the Hope of Eternal Peace (M.A.)

Summer Semester 2016
The Political Thought of Jean-Jacques Rousseau (B.A.)
Vertragstheoretisches Denken in der politischen Ideengeschichte (B.A.)
Montesquieus "Vom Geist der Gesetze" (B.A.)
Conservative Currents in Modern Political Theory (M.A.)

Winter Semester 2015/16
Intellectuals and Politics (B.A.)
Die politische Theorie des Liberalismus (M.A.)
Theories of Democracy (M.A.)

Summer Semester 2015 (Leuphana University)
Ethical Issues in Contemporary Technological Development (B.A.)

Winter Semester 2014/15 (Leuphana University)
Applied Ethics: Human Enhancement (B.A.)
American Pragmatism as Cultural Philosophy (B.A.)

Summer Semester 2014 (Leuphana University)
Tolerance (B.A.)

Winter Semester 2013/14 (Leuphana University)
Liberalism and its Critics (B.A.)

Summer Semester 2013 (Leuphana University)
Hannah Arendt and The Human Condition (B.A.)

Winter Semester 2012/13 (Leuphana University)
Reflections on Political Founding (B.A.)

Summer 2010 (Oxbridge Learning Academy, Georgetown)
American Government and Politics (B.A.)